Original Photography by Drew Villeneuve

ALL IMAGES © Drew Villeneuve 2014
HDR image of Giant Steps, Bailey’s Island, Maine.
#blackandwhite #sea #ocean #HDR #landscape #dramatic
Wolfe’s Neck State Forest, Freeport, Maine
HDRI of Tenant’s Harbor, Maine
Martinsville, Maine
Election Posters, Governor’s Harbor, Eleuthera, the Bahamas
Plaque on St. John of Nepomuk, Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic
Fisherman off the coast of Grenada
Abandoned fishing boat and mangrove sprouts on a conch midden, Deep Creek, Eleuthera, the Bahamas
Fritillary Caterpillar. Walpole, Maine
Moss, Walpole, Maine
Moss spores, Walpole, Maine
Mt. Sugarloaf, Barnesville, Maryland
Mt. Sugarloaf, Barnesville, Maryland
Industrial Stacks, View from Mt. Sugarloaf, Barnesville, Maryland
Giant Steps, Bailey’s Island, Maine